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Next Level Supply Management Excellence:

Your Straight to the Bottom Line® Roadmap


PART ONE: Leading Supply Management Transformation

Chapter 1: The Next Level — an Overview for the C-Suite and Supply Management Leaders
Chapter 2: Leadership as a Principle of Lasting Success
Chapter 3: You Have a Choice to Make: True Transformation or Evaporating Results
Chapter 4: Speaking Like a CFO & Gaining Senior Management’s Support
Chapter 5: Creating the Next Level Supply Organization
Chapter 6: Internal and External Talent Management

PART TWO: Critical Topics in Supply Management Transformation

Chapter 7: Collaborating with Suppliers & Contributing to Revenue Growth
Chapter 8: Strategic Sourcing
Chapter 9: Negotiations Management Best Practices
Chapter 10: Comprehensive Energy Management
Chapter 11: Enhanced Sourcing with Idealized Design
Chapter 12: Lean and Supplier Development
Chapter 13: The Value of Reducing Complexity
Chapter 14: Risk Assessment, Prevention & Mitigation
Chapter 15: Central Role in Working Capital Management
Chapter 16: Early Involvement in Capital Project Procurement

PART THREE: Additional Key Topics in Next Level Supply Management

Chapter 17: Building a Supply Chain Organization from the Ground Up (Case Study)
Chapter 18: Lean Six Sigma in Supply Management
Chapter 19: Toolkits for Strategic Sourcing Success
Chapter 20: When the Worlds of Sales & Procurement Collide
Chapter 21: Logistics Compliance (Import/Export)