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Next Level Supply Management Excellence - About the Book

In this sequel to the best-selling book Straight to the Bottom Line®, the authors go beyond the current state of supply management and show you how to take your company to the next level. Guided by the experience of noted authors, Robert A. Rudzki and Robert J. Trent, PhD, as well as a panel of distinguished contributing authors, you’ll learn the latest concepts, techniques and practices for transforming your company’s supply management organization — and getting a step ahead of the competition.

Much more than a how-to guide, Next Level Supply Management Excellence: Your Straight to the Bottom Line® Roadmap takes an in-depth look at an integrated set of next-level procurement and supply management practices that will help you obtain outstanding results. With strategies targeted at senior executives and the C-suite, as well as real-world advice and insights for practitioners, this volume tells what you need to do today to get your supply chain ready for tomorrow.

For all those who want to discover what’s next in the exciting field of supply chain management — and get ahead of the pack — this book is a must-read.

Key Features:

  • Emphasizes next-level practices and strategies that move beyond current thinking, to help you learn what’s next in the dynamic field of supply chain management
  • Presents the latest thinking of two authors who are recognized experts and best-selling authors in the field
  • Includes chapters contributed by experts in a variety of industries, as well as recognized leaders in key best practices
  • Provides a proven model for transforming the procurement and supply management function in an organization
  • Covers topics that are relevant to today’s and tomorrow’s supply professionals, including:
    • The battle against complexity
    • Risk management
    • Early involvement in capital expenditures procurement
    • Talent management
    • Comprehensive energy management,
    • Effectively managing working capital
    • Speaking like a CFO to gain management’s support
    • How to leverage external resources effectively